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Fourth Grade: Mrs. McEntire

                     The First semester 2018-19

Forth graders are now half-way through fourth grade! Our goal this year has been to help the students become responsible for their own work/learning.  


Most of the work we do is in class.  Math homework, up until now, has been a review of what students should be familiar with as well as one or two practice problems on new concepts/skills. This one page homework which covers the week is not grades as such but more as a check for the students to see how well they understand the material.  But classwork is generally graded so it should be completed and turned in.   Therefore,  if work is not turned it will be marked M (for missing) in the grade book. An M is calculated as a zero, and zeroes have a huge impact on the grade, BUT the students have many opportunities to turn in missing work or to make corrections if they are unhappy with the grade they have.


If your student does not understand the work or needs more help the learning lab is open every morning from 7:30-7:50.