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C. Mallot Reads Loyalty Essay at School Board Meeting

Character Speaker 
Calloway Malott
4th grade
Teacher: Kristi Sandoval
Character Essay Writer/Reader on "Loyalty"
at the Smithville School Board Meeting
January 2019
Perseverance by C. Mallot
What does loyalty mean to you? To me loyalty means to be true to your friends, family, or a cause.
Once I had a dog named Chula.  She always waited for me and my brothers at the entrance everyday.  Chula was also trained and will bark or bite you if you are a stranger. 
I am always loyal to my friends when they get hurt or if they tell me a secret.  I am loyal to my friends because I know they will do the same for me. 
I am also loyal to my family.  When my mom gets sick I take care of her.  When my family needs me I'm there for them. 
Who are you loyal to?  What you have you done to be loyal?
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