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J. Davis Reads Perseverance Essay at City Council Meeting

student essay writerJessi Davis
5th Grader
Teacher: Crystal Vinklarek
Character Essay Writer/Reader on "Perseverance"
at the Smithville City Council Meeting
December 2018
Perseverance by J. Davis
60 percent of people in the United States are afraid of heights.  Do you want to know who one of those people overcoming their fear of heights!  He is how I've persevered through this fear.
When I was little I was very shy and afraid of everything especially heights!  Even though I am very brave I'm still afraid of heights.  Since I'm brave ever since then I've been working hard at my fear, like climbing trees climbing in the deer tri-pod - doing things like that.
To overcome a fear like that it takes a brave person, like me!  When you have a fear like that it's very hard to overcome, that's why you have to work hard at it.  Whenever I get a chance to be outside I try to see something to do, and one of those things is getting up high.
I said earlier that I was showing perseverance by overcoming my fear and you can do the same.  So in the end I've basically overcome my fear.
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