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R. King Reads Perseverance Essay at School Board Meeting

King family at school board meeting
River King & Family
5th grade
Teacher: Crystal Vinklarek
Character Essay Writer/Reader on "Perseverance"
at the Smithville School Board Meeting
December 2018
Perseverance by R. King
Have you ever watched someone struggle in life but no matter how hard something is they get back up?  Well, I have.  My Papa.  He has cancer and he still works through the day and pushes through pain.
When my Papa found out he had cancer he had some struggles to deal with like his back pain, getting tired easily, and working too hard.
But everyday he pushes through all of the pain and hard work.  He always gets the job done and I look up to him.  So, if I ever get hurt or something I will persevere just like him.
I hope you have some moment in your life where you have indeed persevered.
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