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Science Fair Winners Announced

Smithville Elementary School recently held their annual Science Fair in the Red Brick Building auditorium on campus. For two days in late November, students, staff and judges walked through the 19 displays created by students in 3rd through 5th grades.

Projects were widely ranged in subject. Some were which treats horses like best, the healthiest water to drink, visual illusions, and whether Mr. David Edwards could run faster than a butterfly could fly. The experiment proved that he could.

The 10 projects with the overall highest scores advance to the Austin Regional Science Festival in February, and the top three projects in each grade were awarded prizes.

Three types of projects were allowed at the fair: Demonstrations, Models, and Displays. Demonstrations and Models describes who or why something works. A display reveals details about the topic.

With Demonstrations, students created an experiment and documented the process from the materials used, the process followed, the experiment data and conclusions.

With Models, students could create a model, like a bridge made out of wood or sticks, and show in detail how it was created and worked.

With a Display, students explained more about a topic.

Visual aids, charts and reports were encouraged on all projects.

Volunteers from MD Anderson Science Park, city offices, chamber of commerce, library, district administrators, secondary science teachers, local business owners, and retired science teachers judged the projects following the Austin Regional Science Festival guidelines. To grade the science fair projects, judges used a point system that looked at individual criteria within that project.

Beyond the work done to create the project, the goal is more far reaching.

“The science fair helps kids think like a scientist and motivates them to participate in STEM activities,” said Asst. Principal Brown.

“Our local scientist extraordinaire, Richard Lowery, will assist our top 10 students and alternates in improving and refining their projects before the Austin Regional Science Festival on Saturday, Feb. 24”, said Mrs. Brown. 

Nearly 3,000 students across Texas in 3rd through 12th Grades participate in the regional event in Austin each year. More information can be found at


Advancing to the Austin Regional Science Festival in February.

1-Arabella Gutierrez

2-Jacob Moore

3-Jade Hernandez & Andrea Gutierrez

4-Blythe Edwards

5-Keaton Kennon

6-Kaylynn Hodges

7-Grace Landwehr

8-Hailey Koch

9-Marley Koch

10-Amanda Wood


Two Alternates

1-Weston Smiley

2-Ellie Krueger


Top three highest scoring projects in each grade level:


3rd Grade

1st Place-Blythe Edwards

2nd Place-Grace Landwehr

3rd Place-Hailey Koch


4th Grade

1st Place--Amanda Wood

2nd Place-Ellie Krueger

3rd Place-Kendall Bezner


5th Grade

1st Place-Arabella Gutierrez

2nd Place-Jacob Moore

3rd Place-Jade Hernandez and Andrea Gutierrez

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