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Elementary School UIL Winners

UIL Winners 2017

Maps, Graphs, and Charts - 5th Grade
Rio Zumwalt-5th
Jackson Hancock-6th

Music Memory - 5th Grade
Chassity Navarette-4th
Lizzy Lewis-6th
Zanylah Hall-6th
Team Placed 2nd

Music Memory - 4th Grade
Team Placed- 3rd

Spelling - 4th Grade
Kaycee Nutt-1st

Listening Skills - 5th Grade
Chloe Shelton-2nd

Ready Writing - 4th Grade
Ashlyn Wilhelm-1st

Ready Writing - 5th Grade
Evyan Parnell-1st
Claire Keenon-6th

Chess Puzzle - 3rd Grade
Zane Perkins-1st
LaDonije Lewis-2nd

Chess Puzzle - 4th Grade
Gavin Hughes-3rd
Christian Hashaw-5th

Chess Puzzle - 5th Grade
Caden Stockdale-2nd
Jackson Hancock-4th

Number Sense - 4th Grade
Layne Kimball-5th
Jaxson Frazier-6th

Social Studies - 5th Grade
Avery Bezner-1st
Reese Klaerner-2nd
Carolyn Johnson-3rd

Oral Reading - 5th Grade
Brianna Trahan-5th

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